Strong Atomics invests in nuclear fusion startups to create an additional source of clean, cheap, abundant and safe energy.

We invest in a portfolio of fusion projects that have been selected based on their potential to create net-positive energy and to lead to plausible reactors.

Our theses are:

  1. New approaches to fusion can deliver energy on the grid soon enough to be relevant to climate change, and cheaply enough to matter.
  2. A lot of public money has brought fusion close to success, leaving an opportunity for private money that is focused on delivering energy.
  3. Due to scientific uncertainty about which approach to fusion will work first or best, we invest in a portfolio of appealing approaches.
  4. While it is important to work on renewables, storage, energy efficiency and grid improvements, it's hard to model a world where these are enough to solve our problems. The world needs some form of nuclear power.