Malcolm Handley

Malcolm is the Managing Partner. Before this he worked on mobile at Google and was the first employee at Asana.

Contact him at m@redheron.com.

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Olya Irzak

Olya is also a system architect at Off-Grid Electric and the founder of Frost Methane. She previously worked on future grid technology at Google Energy and X.


Eric Ries

Eric excels at rapid progress, such as with the Lean Startup movement that he founded, and long-term thinking, as with the Long Term Stock Exchange, making him a perfect fit for helping the rebirth of fusion.


Dr Dan Barnes

Dan is a science advisor to Strong Atomics and a plasma physicist with deep expertise in fusion simulation and theory. He was previously Chief Computational Scientist for TAE, and prior to that he was a Group Leader at Los Alamos.

Former advisors


Dr Will Regan

Will was an advisor to Strong Atomics. He is in Rapid Evaluation at Google X and previously helped develop ARPA-E's ALPHA fusion program.


Dr Scott Hsu

Scott is a plasma and fusion research scientist at Los Alamos National Laboratory. He is a former science advisor for Strong Atomics.